Do you look around at others and wonder how they are keeping their sh*t together while you are struggling?

Guess what? They don’t.

I look around me now and I see so many people wrestling with overwhelm and exhaustion.  But, even so, I have days where I feel like I am the only one who is struggling. I believe one reason for this is that perfectionism has helped me to achieve at a high level throughout my life.

We have been told since we were little that we can have anything we want, be anything we want, if we just set our minds to it. And, that works really well when you only have to take care of yourself. But, as soon as we add a spouse, children, jobs, etc into the mix, we start having to balance the wants, needs, and desires of others.

My clients are stressed out from juggling an ever-growing to-do list at home and at work. They feel exhausted and frustrated because they’re trying to make everyone happy while barely holding themselves together.

Even professional jugglers drop the ball sometimes. And, even the most productive, balanced person can take on too many responsibilities and become overwhelmed.

As a life coach, my business (and my passion!) is helping people discover what they need to rebalance themselves—and then watching them do it!

I have over a decade of combined professional experience and training as a genetic counselor, active listener, yoga teacher, and life coach.  I provide an empathetic and safe environment in which you can learn to let go of the guilt and overwhelm and reclaim control of your life! You will feel more calm and confident, have more energy, and feel more connected with your family and friends.

Finding time to take care of yourself may feel like a luxury. But, if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you truly take care of others?

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