Life can often feel like a rollercoaster, with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs. Speeding along one minute then jerked to a halt the next.

There’s a lot we cannot control and that can lead to feelings of discomfort, stress, and it can even manifest as physical pain.

What if you had a tool at the tip of your fingertips to help navigate these moments and start to feel calmer quickly?

You can! It’s called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)!

  • Overwhelmed by all that’s on your plate?
  • Anxious about an upcoming work project or school exam?
  • PARENTS: Frustrated with your kids, partner, or boss?
    Kids: are your siblings, parents, Classmates driving you crazy?
  • Feeling limited by a phobia you can’t seem to shake?
  • Suffering from a sore shoulder or chronic pain?

Emotional Freedom Technique (aka “tapping”) can help!

Whatever heavy weight you’re feeling burdened with, Tapping can help you let it go!


What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT (or Tapping, as it is more commonly referred to) is an evidence-based, complementary therapy that helps you reduce physical pain and emotional distress. It combines principles of clinical psychology and Chinese medicine.

By tapping on specific spots on your body while talking about what’s bothering you in a safe and supportive environment, EFT improves the flow of energy through your body so that you feel more relaxed and your physical pain is reduced.

you’ll feel CALMER, LIGHTER, more supported!

Ready to TAP?

1-hour session


WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING About Tapping With Marisa:

Tapping made me feel better.

Zachary, age 9

I just did an EFT session with Marisa and it was phenomenal! Before our session, I started having body pains as my trauma response heading to the session. My subconscious is not wanting to do it. But she held such a productive and safe space and it was so healing! I totally felt safe to release all that needs to be released from my body and soul and I feel so light and good now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Coming into my session with Marisa, I was in the midst of a recurring block I’ve been experiencing in my business for years. Throughout the session, the physical sensation of the block in my body and its weight, especially on my shoulders, was released. Plus, Marisa reframed the block and negative thoughts surrounding it and offered beautiful verbiage that I now use every day.

Do yourself a favor and book a tapping session with Marisa. I’m sure glad I did!


Just a quick note of great thanks for this morning. You will almost certainly not be surprised to learn that I spent the entire afternoon being so productive! Tapping made a huge difference! I’m absolutely blown away. Seriously Gobsmacked.


Doing an EFT session with Marisa was wonderful. I allowed myself to be present, to be vulnerable with her and to let her lead the session and to simply follow along. I could feel shifting energy, and had some emotional release during our session. I’ve continued to focus on that openness since then, which has led me to greater clarity with even deeper challenges. Sometimes I can know that something’s up, and can’t be fully conscious of it, and part of the work is to trust that I can heal anyhow. I feel like this was presented clearly for me in working with Marisa. I would definitely recommend Marisa to anybody curious about EFT, or for those who want to be led by somebody with integrity and beautiful energy. You truly get the feeling that she wants the best for you.


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