Life’s a friggin rollercoaster! Slow it down so you can enjoy the ride!

I totally get it! We’re living in an age where everything seems to be moving at lightning speed! Between work, home, and all the other responsibilities you’ve taken on, some days it feels so chaotic, overwhelming, exhausting that you wonder how you’re even managing to hold on.

And, as a parent, you’re especially worried about the impact on your kids. You’ve read that this young generation is struggling with increasing rates of depression, loneliness, PTSD, anxiety. You want to protect your kids from feeling all that pressure.

And so you’re doing everything you can think of. 

You’ve downloaded what feels like a million free PDFs, signed up for free and paid workshops and courses, read loads of books by the experts, and talked it out with friends. 

You’ve spent so much time, money, and energy learning how to be a nurturing, present parent and how to develop a positive work-life balance so you can be there for them, but it still feels like you’re failing at it more than you’re nailing it.


You want to be the best parent you can and raise resilient, kind, and intelligent kids but, in your exhaustion and frustration, you find yourself losing your temper and not modeling good behaviors.

You want to enjoy spending time with your family but if you have to play Pokemon or watch Frozen one more time, you may completely lose it.

You love your partner but between kids, work, and the sinkful of dirty dishes, it feels like all your available energy is being sucked up and you’ve grown distant. On one hand, you’re feeling lonely but, also, there’s a part of you that just wants to be left alone.

You know it’s important to take care of yourself so you can have the energy to take care of everyone else, but creating a consistent and proactive self-care routine feels like one more thing you “have to” squeeze into your already overbooked life.

You’re ready for more ease and joy in your life so you can keep your energetic gas tank full. But you’re just not sure what steps to take next.

First things first. Just breathe for a second – a nice, deep breath.

What if you could slow down and truly connect to the people and things that really matter?  

How would your life be different if you could stop trying so hard to do all the things?

How would it feel If you could stop being your own worst enemy and truly believe that you’re good enough Just.As.You.Are? 

You could be more present, calm, and in-control throughout your day – even during chaotic moments.

You could create a consistent self-care strategy that fills you up mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You could release your fears and worries and really trust that you know what’s best for you and your family – even if doesn’t look like what the Jones’s are doing.

You could speak your mind, be heard, knowing that you are modeling good habits and healthy communication skills for your children to emulate.

Family time could become something that feels connecting, fun, and energizing.

Are you ready to truly and whole-heartedly role model what happiness, resilience, and success look like so your children can grow up to be happy, resilient, and successful?


I work with women who juggle lots of balls at any given time. They’re moms, partners, daughters, sisters, employees, bosses, friends.

They know how to show up, be responsible, and make others feel prioritized and cared for.

And they know that it’s important to shine some of that energy back on themselves too but they haven’t been able to create and maintain a consistent and fulfilling routine.


You know why?

Because it’s hard to concentrate with the kids whining, phone notifications pinging, your brain chattering, and all the other internal and external forces coming towards you as the rollercoaster of modern life races along.

(I googled it and there is not a single video of anyone successfully juggling on a rollercoaster! So, let’s stop pretending that we can do it all!)  

When we work together, I’ll help you get clarity on your specific challenges and get really clear about what needs to change and how to get started.

As a genetic counselor, I know that you’re, literally, one of a kind. That’s why I don’t use a cookie cutter approach.



you’ll get an easy personalized plan that’s as unique as you are so you can create more the calmer, more joyful life you want with your family.

And from that place, you’ll be able to trust yourself deeply, in ways you never thought possible. 

When you connect to your uniqueness, you become more authentic and honest with others, especially with the people who matter the most to you (and tune-out the people who don’t).  

You discover how to lead and inspire others, especially your children, so they have the tools they need to live a happy, heart-centered, successful life!

This allows you to create incredible ripple effects and be the change you wish to see in the world! 

That’s when you can take your hands off the safety bar, wave them in the air, and enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

Here’s How it Works:

MOMENTS OF MAGIC is a one-month 1:1 coaching intensive where we’ll start to help you SLOW down: 

Stop and take a deep breath,

Look around at where you are,

Observe what’s working and what needs to change,

Walk the first steps of your new path

It’s broken down into 4 pieces:



Prior to our first coaching call, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire about your roles, responsibilities, and biggest challenges at the moment. This will help us tune in to your specific concerns and needs so we can make the absolute most of our time together. And, since writing it down will get it out of your head, you may even find yourself feeling more focused and ready to take action!



In this 90 minute session, we’ll explore the challenges and concerns that you shared in your questionnaire. We’ll dive deep into how these patterns were developed and what it will take to shift them. You’ll get a personalized action plan with the exact steps that will help you start feeling more ease and joy and have renewed energy to deeply connect to the people you care most about.

Because I get how long your to-do list is, the activities that make up your action plan are designed to fit easily into your busy life.



I don’t provide a cookie-cutter approach. Over the next few weeks, I will give you attention, encouragement, and support that are tailored to your needs as you start to shift in your life. 



Four weeks after your INTENSIVE SESSION, we’ll get together for a 30 minute follow-up call to see where you’re at. During this session, we’ll celebrate the wins you’ve made and make any adjustments to your action plan, if needed. 

I feel sometimes like my life gets so busy and out of control, that the only way to calm down is to get away somewhere, but that’s just not always possible. It was a good reminder to start practicing self-care in the midst of craziness, that the chaos doesn’t have to dictate my life or who I am.
-Kathryn, mom of 5 adult children

I moved to a new country 6 weeks ago and this is the first time that I’ve had time to breathe and reflect. Marisa gave me permission to breathe. It’s been really reassuring. I’ve been like a wind-up toy. I’d got all of this stuff going on in my head. But not anymore. Thank you, Marisa.
-Jodi, mom of 2 middle-schoolers

“Marisa put the brakes on my brain.” -Happy Client

As a genetic counselor and yoga teacher, I’ve spent over 2 decades studying the mind and body – down to the cellular level. What I’ve learned is that WE ARE ALL UNIQUE.

Of the 108 billion people that have walked this Earth since the beginning of human history, no one has had the exact same DNA or shared the exact same experiences as you.

Not your parents, your siblings, your friends, or even your children.

I totally get it. I fell into the trap of not embracing my uniqueness for years. I spent so much time and energy trying to follow a path (career, marriage, kids) that others laid out for me and that I travelled in the hopes that it would make me feel like I belonged. As a working mom, I walked around in this people-pleasing fog until I found myself running on empty – feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, out of control, burned out.

The light bulb moment for me was when I realized my young children were sponging up my negative energy. They were more irritable, anxious, and had more difficulty sleeping. It felt like they just weren’t enjoying life anymore.

I was trying so hard to be the perfect everything that I wasn’t modeling the patience, resilience, and self-trust that I really wanted my children to develop.

I started practicing off the mat what I have learned in my years studying yoga and mindfulness. I found ways to be more present and creative and have more fun. By showing up this way, I was able to slow down so we as a family could carve out the best path for us. Family time felt more enjoyable, my kids came out of their shells, and I felt calmer and more in flow.

Now, I use my scientific training coupled with my intuition and playfulness to help my clients tap into their own uniqueness and connect more whole-heartedly. I guide them to envision the magical moments they can create with the people who matter the most and find more ease and joy in their lives.

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