Has anyone given you advice and that inner voice in your head starts screaming, “don’t tell me what to do!!!”?  Even if, rationally, you know it is good advice?

You are not alone.

Our brains are like giant super computers that, since childhood, we have filled with upto 50 thousand thoughts a day! That’s a lot of data to process!  To avoid overload, our brain finds the quickest way to process these thoughts. One way it does this is by labelling anything new as “bad”. Even if we consciously think the idea is beneficial, our subconscious brain instinctually rejects it.

This is one of the reasons it is so hard for us to change habits.

But there is hope!

I show my clients how to reprogram their brains so they can create good habits that make their lives feel easier and less overwhelming.

I’ll help you go from just surviving to confident and thriving!

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Pay-As-You Go Sessions

Price: $57 USD per session (60 minutes)
or $150 USD for packages of 3 sessions

Reclaim Your Sanity: The Busy Mom’s Survival Plan

Price: $99 USD