Don’t let the chaos define you!

Well, it’s begun. Schools and most businesses are closing because of the coronavirus outbreak.

For a lot of families, that means to adjusting to being at home together for longer than we’re used to.

Several of my clients shared with me that they’re worried it’ll be stressful, overwhelming, frustrating.

🙌 You can transform the chaos into magical moments with these yoga and mindfulness activities that will help you create more calm and ease in your day. 🙌

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Until lockdown is over!

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Day 1: Yoga Dance - Hello Song

(5 mins)

Day 2: Out for an Adventure

(10 mins)

Day 3: "Read a Book" Stretch

(3 mins)

Day 4: Yoga Storytime - Dear Zoo

(5 mins)

Day 5: Yoga Dance - Every Little Cell

(7 mins)

Day 6: Heart Activation Breathing Meditation

(6 mins)

Sunday Share:


Day 8: High Intensity Interval Yoga

(9 mins)

Day 9: Celebrate Rainbows & the Sun

(6 mins)

Day 10: Yoga Dance - Joggin' thru the Jungle

(5 mins)

Day 11: Yoga Storytime The Cat in the Hat

(12 mins)

Day 12: Releasing negative emotions

(3 mins)

Day 13: Full Body Release Meditation

(11 mins)

Sunday Share:


Day 15: Yoga Dance - This Little Light

(5 mins)

Day 16: Snake Finds a Friend

(8 mins)

Day 17: Yoga Storytime - Little Bunny Kung Fu

(4 mins)

Day 18: Yoga Alphabet - A thru M

(6 mins)

Day 19: Yoga Alphabet - N thru Z

(10 mins)

Day 20: Facing Grief in Unprecedented Times

A conversation with Uma Girish
(30 mins)

Sunday BONUS!!

Whole Yoga Alphabet
(11 mins)

Day 22: Yoga Dance - Yoga Makes Me Strong

(4 mins)

Day 23: Mirror Me (Mindfulness Activity)

(3 mins)













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