Do you like to try before you buy?

I do. Buying online is super convenient, but, sometimes, especially when it’s a big investment, you want to see the product for yourself first. I totally get it! You don’t know me. You’re not sure that I can help you reduce your overwhelm, quiet your inner critic, and just feel better and more in control of what’s on your plate. This page is an opportunity to test out some of the tools I share with my clients.

You can start using them RIGHT NOW and see whether or not I might be the right fit for you.

No strings attached! Just free stuff for you!

From Crazed To Calm

A short little workbook that takes you through five fun, simple exercises to help reduce stress and overwhelm.

Unleash Your Inner Cheerleader

Start developing your own self-care plan and strategy by following the steps I presented in this 1-hour webinar.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Everyone!

Videos for adults, kids, and adults+kids together! Get out your mat and join me!

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Yoga Videos