Starting a gratitude practice can be easy and fun!


Does this sound familiar? You heard it was a good idea to start a gratitude practice or journal to reduce anxiety and stress so you decided to give it a try. You bought a book. You kept it next to your bed or on your desk. You planned to write it in every day.

But, you didn’t.

Maybe you tried again. And again. 

That happened to me more times than I cared to count. 


Good intentions don’t always lead to action-taking.

For me, I feel a lot of pressure to come up with things to write everyday. Or life would get in the way and I’d forget to do it once or twice in a row. And then I was too embarrassed/ashamed/self-critical to pick it up again. 

But as I started incorporating Mary Poppins’s philosophy into my life, I have started to play with ways to make the hard activities more fun. Like a kid. And, you know what children do? They keep it simple.

I started saying the phrase, “Today, I’m thankful for…”, quietly to myself, as soon as I turned off the light at night.

And, then, I was asked to teach a Thanksgiving-themed yoga class to kids so I turned to the internet for ideas. I came across templates for gratitude worksheets and activities.

Light bulb moment!

There were so many ideas for simple, easy gratitude pages. Together with my own sons, we created this one. It’s kid-tested and approved. And, it’s yours FREE! No strings attached! No email address to submit.

Just click below to download it!

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