2020 has been a year that no one anticipated and few of us will ever forget.

A rollercoaster with the biggest twists and turns. With high highs and low lows.

And lots of messages from the Universe.

Two big messages for me have been:

1) Do less. BE more. 

I talked about the HAVE. DO. BE. mindset that we’ve been programmed to follow. I’ve spent a big chunk of my life defining my wins (and, therefore, my worth) by how much I’ve done. How busy I am.

And that lightning bolt of awareness that shook me when I realized how much energy I was wasting by complaining about my ever-growing to-do list instead of delegating or deleting things.

I am not my to-do list. I am not more or less worthy based on the amount of shit I get done in any given day.

I am worthy because I exist. Because I AM.

I truly believe that this was one of the key messages of COVID. Slow down, connect to what’s most important to you. And BE the change you wish to see.

2) We are all connected in time and space

I’ve known this to be true in my soul long before I even was self-aware enough to know that my soul had it’s own beliefs. 

Long before Elton John and Tim Rice wrote about the circle of life and we watched little Simba grow up. 

On Monday, we celebrated the winter solstice. That moment in the year where, because of Earth’s tilt, the sun reaches it’s pinnacle distance south of the equator and like a giant pendulum, begins swinging back north.

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it means the days are starting to get longer. 

And, you probably heard about the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, a pattern that happens every 20 years but they haven’t gotten this close in 400 years and haven’t been visible in the night sky for 800 years.

Seeing images from all over the world of the planets aligning, it was another reminder that, we all exist on Earth and share the same air, gaze up at the same sky. We’re all connected.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring. But, I do believe that the actions we take today plant the seeds for tomorrow.

The Earth is always spinning, the cycles are always flowing, and our actions have ripple effects that we may not even be conscious of or live long enough to see. But they are happening.

Astrologers say that, with this solstice, the Earth is moving into a new age. Driven by the energy of air, an element that promotes connection, communication, and creativity.

And, so, as we head into 2021, I am filled with hope. I see so many people showing up from a place of love and faith, and I trust that we’re CREATING the change we wish to see.

No matter how or where you’re spending this holiday season, I wish you peace and joy, light and love.

Does your work-home balance feel more like a rickety rollercoaster than a smooth ride?

I get it!

You like your job and you love spending time with your family, but, going back and forth between all the hats you wear is exhausting and frustrating.

You end up defaulting to people-pleasing mode and don’t always feel seen or heard.

Your needs, wants, and desires matter.

It’s possible to discover a happy medium for you and your family so that you can create more ease, calm, and fun in your life.

I’m here to show you how and support you as you get started.

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