As the weeks pass in during this period of sheltering-in-place, the emotional rollercoaster – “coronacoaster!”  – can be pretty discombobulating.

Whenever I am feeling especially overwhelmed, I find that pulling cards from one of my oracle decks really helps.

The cards give me someone to focus on, to journal about, to ponder.

Recently, I was feeling particularly low after learning of the death of a friend. And I picked a card for guidance.

🌬️ Wind. 🌬️

“When you’re feeling stuck, in a rut, stagnant,
Wind summons our ability to rustle up some much-needed freshness.”

The day happened to be a blustery day. It had been raining on and off. But, after lunch, the sun had poked its head out.

And, as a family, we poked out our four.

And I immediately felt the freshness of the wind.

Five minutes. That’s all it took to alter my mood. Five minutes and my five senses.

Five minutes of:
🌬️ feeling the freshness blow against my cheek

🌬️ smelling the scent of roses being blown towards me from our neighbors’ garden

🌬️ hearing birds playing nearby

🌬️ seeing the shadows shifting as the leaves danced around

🌬️ tasting the cool, fresh flavor that seemed to fill my mouth

Five minutes in the wind (or outside in general) can help you feel more grounded, more trusting, more hopeful.

More present.

Life isn’t easy. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and so much is out of our control.

But, in five minutes, surrounded by wind, I tapped into the moment, opened up to the freshness, and my spirits lifted. 

And so can you. 🙏

And, to help, I’ve created a free downloadable 5-senses scavenger hunt for the whole family to enjoy together!

Feeling Stuck on the Coronacoaster?

I’ve got your back!

On the one hand, you love your family and the slower pace feels refreshing, but, on the other, you miss your “normal” routine. 

Discover a happy medium for you and your family so that you can create more ease, calm, and fun in your Life After Corona.

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