A new friend texted me a few weeks ago and asked if I could help her build some Ikea furniture she had just had delivered.

Without even having to think about it, I said, I’ll be right over!

Construction projects are literally one of my all-time favorite activities to do!

Give me a screwdriver and a set of instructions and I’m a happy camper!

There’s something about knowing that your hard work and patience is 100% going to pay off. 

There’s a concrete goal and you can watch your progression as you achieve it. And you can estimate how long it’s going to take to finish. 

Even in those moments of frustration when you realize you used the wrong size screw or you have to order another piece because one was missing from the box, there’s comfort in trusting – fully trusting – that it’s all figureoutable. 

You know the sense of accomplishment – and the ego boost that comes with it – is just a few hours away!

As a child, I loved doing puzzles and I much preferred shop class in middle school than art class. 

Yet, unless a washing machine breaks or new furniture is required, I rarely give myself the time or space or opportunity to enjoy this passion. 

Sean, my husband, teases me that I missed my calling.

And, he may be right. But, what I’ve also learned is that you don’t have to be what you do.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a playful life coach and yoga teacher for families that are feeling disconnected and overwhelmed by the speed of life. 

But, I’m more than just that.

And, we owe it to ourselves to give ourselves the permission to tap into that energy, that excitement, that joy, more often.

We wear so many hats in our life, have so many interests outside the one that makes us money. Yet we tend to define ourselves solely by the thing that we do.

And we do that thing until we’re so mentally tired that, when we do have “free time,” we don’t know what to do or we only think of resting.

But there are SO many things that light us up. 

I don’t know any kid who comes home from school and says, “I just want to put my feet up and rest.” 

They come home and grab their legos or video games or art supplies or sports equipment. And, yes, sometimes they grab books too. 

They search out activities that light them up. That fill their internal energy tanks.

But how often do you do that as an adult?

We come home and look at the pile of dirty laundry, the dishes in the sink, the dinner that needs to be made….

As the pressures of the world push down on our shoulders, we need, more than ever, to tap into that energy. To create time and space in our calendar to do the things that light us up.

The more we connect to those activities, the more we fill our hearts and please our inner child. And, the more our inner child is fulfilled, the more we learn to trust ourselves. 

And, the more we trust ourselves, the more we can feel secure trusting others.

So, here’s my question for you, what lights you up?

Here’s my IPA strategy for getting started:

  1. Imagine: Grab a piece of paper and pen, set a timer for 5 minutes, and just start brainstorming. What did you love doing as a child?
  2. Plan: A baby learns to walk one step at a time, so it’s great to start implementing just one activity at a time. Look at the list and pick one of your favorites to try first.
  3. Act: When are you going to do it? Check your calendar and schedule in time. Need some accountability? Click here to schedule a free session and let’s chat!

Post a comment below and let me know what comes up!

[PS: Know that I’m going to practice what I’m preaching too.

I don’t need any new furniture, but I bought a 1000 piece puzzle and I’m going to go claim a space on the floor, open up the box, and get started!

Check out my pictures on IG if you want to follow my progress!]

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